Growing the Virginia economy

Virginians work hard enough without needing to send more money to the government than is necessary. We must reduce regulations and lower our tax burden to attract industry so our Commonwealth can continue to compete nationally. Scott will work with Governor Youngkin and our majority in the House of Delegates to send money back to hardworking families of Virginia.


Supporting law enforcement and safe communities

Crime is on the rise, and we need to support our police so that they have the resources to do their jobs. Scott will work with our public safety officials to address the opioid crisis, fund our local law enforcement officials, and optimize sentencing guidelines to ensure public safety. He will promote laws that punish criminals and oppose efforts to weaken penalties on criminals. He has law enforcement’s back and rejects efforts to do away with qualified immunity.


First class public education without indoctrination

Every child in Virginia deserves a high-quality education. The liberal left wants to push their ideas on the next generation, and we need laws in place that ensure parents are involved with their children’s education. Scott opposes any radical indoctrination in the classroom, and he supports school choice and voucher programs, especially for those who live in failing school districts.


Defending the 2nd Amendment

As a hunter and Life Member of the NRA, Scott is committed to protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. He will fight all attempts by those who wish to infringe upon them. Punishing criminals, not law-abiding citizens exercising their Constitutional rights, is the best way to prevent gun violence.


Protecting Traditional Family Values

Scott is a pro-life, social conservative. He will pursue policies that support and strengthen our families and work to foster a culture that respects life. Religious freedoms are a bedrock of our society and Scott will stand against the attacks on people of faith.