Meet Scott

Scott understands the new 60th House District, consisting of a majority of Hanover and half of New Kent County, is one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family. Here we know our neighbors; care about our community; and want our children to carry on the same family values and enjoy the opportunities that have made our communities thrive for generations.

As a County Supervisor, the citizens knew Scott as a strong advocate for local business, public safety, and lower tax rates. As a Delegate, serving in the Virginia House of Delegates for the last four years, Scott has served on the House Committee on Appropriations; the House Transportation Committee, where he chairs the Sub-Committee on Funding and Infrastructure; and the House Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns. Scott also serves on several Boards and Commissions, including the Department of Criminal Justices Services Board; the Public Private Partnership Advisory Commission; and the Commission on Updating Virginia Law to Reflect Federal Recognition of Virginia Indian Tribes.

Scott knows lowering taxes and reducing regulations are essential to grow Virginia’s economy. As Delegate, he’s fought the Democrats’ radical agenda, including attacks on law enforcement and our Second Amendment rights. Scott will continue to fight for us, and he has passed critical legislation to get tougher on criminals, while supporting victims of crime. He also supports excellence in education, not indoctrinating our students in the classrooms. He fully supports our law enforcement officers, firefighters, and, EMS personnel, and he fiercely advocates for traditional family values, including protecting the sanctity of life. As a Life Member of the NRA, he’ll stand strong against the attacks on our 2nd Amendment and resist Democrat attacks to take your firearms.

Scott looks forward hearing from you and learning about your thoughts on how to make the new 60th House District and Virginia a better place for all of its residents.

You can contact Scott at (804) 442-2737 or via e-mail at [email protected].