Friends of Scott Wyatt

P. O. Box 365 

​Mechanicsville VA  23111

Phone:  804-781-0814

Republican Candidate 

Scott Wyatt for Cold Harbor Supervisor

Paid for by:  Friends of Scott Wyatt.


If elected to serve the citizens of the Cold Harbor District, I will be an advocate for limited government while supporting our Hanover County Public School System and all Public Safety Officers.  Our children are the future and it is our duty to maintain a healthy and safe environment for them to excel inside and outside of the classroom.

I pledge to support the Cold Harbor District by maintaining a manageable limited tax burden throughout Hanover County.   Promoting business growth in our county will encourage the creation of  jobs that are imperative to Hanover's success.  I believe our county government should be transparent where the citizens of Hanover are part of the decision making process on how their tax dollars are being spent.

I will make myself available and listen to the concerns of all Cold Harbor residents.  I pledge to work to resolve issues that our families probably all share. I will also be mindful and supportive of a limited residential growth plan that will maintain a rural setting in eastern Hanover County that we have all come to love.  This will allow our children and grandchildren to enjoy a quiet, safe environment for many years. 

​I promise, if elected, to ensure that your tax dollars are being spent in the most efficient way possible, while promoting economic growth and maintaining the highest quality county services that you are accustomed to here in Hanover County.

Supporting our Hanover County Public Schools

 ​Historic Garthright House - Cold Harbor VA